Programs Overview

K-12 Education
RAP K-12 education programs incorporate grade-appropriate classroom curriculum along with easy-to-install, energy-efficient products to demonstrate how individual actions can produce significant reductions in energy and water consumption. All materials are designed by teachers for teachers and exceed existing individual requirements for academic standards, including STEM.

RAP direct-to-customer programs offer easily utilized home savings education with kit measures to help families use less energy and water to save money on their utility bills. Direct-to-customer programs can be used to target specific customer segments, such as low-income via community-based organizations, or can reach multiple utility customers using a variety of distribution methods.

Small/Medium Business
RAP small/medium business programs provide energy-efficient products to businesses as a first point of engagement with this hard-to-reach and underserved segment, providing cross-promotion of other energy efficiency portfolio programs. RAP provides custom kits, material printing, fulfillment, assembly, warehousing, shipping and delivery.