Easy Savings


Benefits For Everyone

  • Rapid help for thousands of families
  • Immediate utility bill savings
  • Customized kit content
  • Easy to distribute
  • Exceptional staff training
  • Built-in tracking and reporting mechanisms
  • Identifies those most likely to seek additional help
  • Builds relationships with participants
  • Installation rates typically range 75-95%
  • Enables real-time program oversight and midstream adjustments

Leaders in showing families how to save big.

For 18 years RAP has been helping families help themselves through substantial energy savings.

Measure-based, all-encompassing and highly enjoyable, the Easy Savings Program helps families understand their resource usage, giving them the opportunity to pick their own savings to significantly reduce monthly utility bills.

The combination of the innovative education tool (Quick Start Guide) and the program format, coupled with the survey and incentives, forms the basis for these outcomes. It’s also an effective complement to weatherization programs and LIHEAP assistance.

Each family receives a customized kit to guide them in reducing their energy use and establishing specific savings goals. We provide ongoing management to keep your program thriving, and upon completion, our exclusive tracking and reporting tools provide comprehensive summaries and specific savings estimates.

Client-driven education programs like Easy Savings that allow participants to choose their desired measures and actions, are proven to increase both installation rates and retention. Participating households in Iowa and New Mexico report utility bill savings ranging from $100 to $500 per year!

Bottom line, Easy Savings helps families use less energy and save more money.

So give families in your community the information they need while giving yourself the peace of mind and turnkey efficiency of a proven innovator. Contact us today to start an Easy Savings Program in your community.