Simply A Superior Program

  • A hit with teachers, students and families
  • Customized to meet your goals budget
  • Turnkey coordination, implementation, marketing enrollment and reporting
  • An excellent platform for program extensions
  • Tracks installation activities and behavior changes via home surveys
  • Engages children and their parents in efficiency education
  • Meets state learning standards and EM&V requirements

Leaders in turning education into action.

For more than 18 years now, we’ve created learning opportunities that pay off for our sponsors with exceptional savings and efficiency.

An example is Energy Wise, our proven program designed to open students and their family’s eyes to the money-saving potential of simple, easy-to-implement conservation practices. It’s a fun and informative interaction that encourages every family member to be an active participant  in realizing an average savings of 300 kWh a year.

If you seek an inspired combination of efficiency and turnkey peace of mind, Energy Wise is your program.

Over 300 kWh saved yearly.

That’s what Energy Wise participants have the potential to realize. And over the life of our devices, each household can expect to save more than 2,300 kWhs.

Success, made to order.

Energy Wise is easily customized to meet your needs. Localize it, include media materials, implement co-sponsorship opportunities, brand items with your name and logo, even create a custom-designed box.

Powerful results.

All activities and savings generated by Energy Wise are tabulated, analyzed, and delivered to you in a comprehensive Program Summary Report that allows you to see the effectiveness for yourself and identify areas of further opportunity.