Simply The Superior Program

  • A hit with teachers, students and families
  • Customized to meet your goals and budget
  • Turnkey coordination, implementation, marketing, enrollment and reporting
  • An excellent platform for program extensions
  • Tracks installation activities and behavior changes via home surveys
  • Engages children and their parents in efficiency education
  • Meets state learning standards and EM&V requirements
  • ACEEE and AWE recognized for sustained achievement in saving both water and energy

Empowering families through conservation.

It’s a simple equation: a resource unit saved equals money earned. And if there was ever a time when families could use a little extra savings, that time is now.

LivingWise is a K-12 energy efficiency program designed to promote energy and water efficiency.

This measure-based education program, has been helping sponsors ensure their customers’ resource dollars go as far as possible. LivingWise is an engaging, no-nonsense program that delivers an average yearly savings of 9,000 gallons of water, 330kWh of electricity and 40 therms of natural gas to every participating household.

To date, the LivingWise Program has been implemented in more than 1,000 schools, in 26 different states. Sponsors, teachers and parents all love the ease of how LivingWise can fit into any educational system.

Measuring true success.

All activities and resource savings generated by LivingWise are tabulated, analyzed and delivered to the sponsor in a comprehensive Program Summary Report. This report allows you to see the effectiveness for yourself and identify areas of further opportunity.

9,000 gallons, 330kWh and 40 therms.

That’s the amount of water, electricity and natural gas saved in a year by the average participating family as a result of retrofits using provided measures. Over the life of these devices, each household can expect to save as much as 99,000 gallons of water, 3,100 kWh of electricity and 400 therms of gas.