Simply The Superior Solution

  • A hit with teachers, students and families
  • Customized to meet your goals and budget
  • Turnkey coordination, implementation, marketing, enrollment and reporting
  • An excellent platform for program extensions
  • Tracks installation activities and behavior changes via home surveys
  • Engages children and their parents in efficiency education
  • Meets state learning standards and EM&V requirements

Tap into the expertise of the education leader.

Gallon-per-gallon, no one delivers savings more efficiently. The kind of savings that wise sponsors demand. And we’ve done it for more than 18 years in ways that have literally shaped this industry.

Case in point, WaterWise, our proven and often applauded measure-based program that helps customers understand water use and the vital role conservation can play in reducing their monthly bills. This K-12 water efficiency program is an eye-opening experience that allows us to assist them in making meaningful, commonsense conservation actions that benefit everyone.

Let’s start with saving over 10,000 gallons.

That’s the average yearly savings for WaterWise participants thanks to the retrofit devices we provide. And over the 10-year life expectancy of these devices, participants can look to save more than 100,000 gallons.

As fluid as you need it to be.

WaterWise is easily customized to meet your needs. Localize it, include media materials, implement co-sponsorship opportunities, brand items with your name and logo, even create a custom-designed box.

Let the results flow.

All activities and resource savings generated by WaterWise are tabulated, analyzed, and delivered to you in a comprehensive Program Summery Report that allows you to see the effectiveness for yourself and identify areas of further opportunity.