Education Outreach

Marketing, Education & Outreach Designed to Change Behavior

At the core of RAP’s successful program design is a comprehensive marketing, education and outreach (ME&O) plan specifically designed to reach the program’s target audience.

Our K-12 energy efficiency school programs use time-tested marketing and outreach tactics to reach school administrators, parents and teachers.  These include in-school teacher and parent presentations, direct mail, email, in-classroom activities and earned media. Direct-to-customer programs use direct mail, neighborhood outreach, community based organizations, email, workshops and webinars.

Each ME&O plan is developed to meet the specific needs of the sponsor. The programs are designed to seamlessly integrate into sponsor’s existing branding and marketing platform.  Custom designed materials and kits are a key element of the program and offer sponsors the ability to enhance their corporate brand and image through a well-designed and customer facing program.

Our award-winning programs can deliver a positive community and public relations message to customers and enhance your image by educating customers how to save resources and money.