Outreach Manager

Libby Bumb has been an integral part of RAP’s Outreach Department since her hire in 2011. She got her start as a Program Coordinator and was later promoted to Outreach Manager. Her responsibilities include leading and establishing outreach for mission-driven programs to attract and serve a multi-generational audience. She successfully manages a collaborative strategy for comprehensive community outreach programs that achieve results. Through her leadership, the Outreach team has achieved extraordinary enrollment goals.

Bumb brings previous customer service and problem solving skills to RAP through her previous work position as a Senior Office and Customer Service Administrator. Her educational background is in Business Administration, through the University of Nevada, Reno.

At RAP we owe our success to committed professionals just like Libby Bumb. We recognize leadership, outstanding service and willingness to go above and beyond through something we call the LEAD Award. Leadership through Education, Action and Development. Libby was the proud recipient of the Second Quarter, 2016 LEAD Award.

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