Kit Fulfillment Takes on a Unique Perspective

February 2016

Kit Fulfillment Takes on a Unique Perspective


In late 2015, the DTE Energy Efficiency Program for Business was ahead of its target for achieving the savings goals set forth by the utility managers. This put Franklin Energy, the contracted program implementer, in a position to think outside of the box, and utilize incentive funding to improve other aspects of the program. The Energy Efficiency for Business Team at Franklin Energy identified the need to generate additional small business leads, and thank current small business participants.



Franklin Energy Services worked with Resource Action Programs® (RAP) to come up with a cost-effective solution for kit fulfillment while still providing convenience for the utility customer. The solution was to ship customized Energy Efficiency kits filled with easy to install measures to businesses which had already participated in the incentive program. By making the energy efficiency experience more “hands on” with kit products, the intent was to improve customer satisfaction, as well as encourage additional participation in 2016. Additionally, the kits were an opportunity to reach customers that do not normally receive direct contact from a member of the DTE Outreach Team. To eliminate participation barriers, RAP direct-shipped kits to participating businesses. Unique measures such as LED Exit Sign Retrofit Kits, Occupancy Sensors and Thermal Leak Detectors were included in each kit to remain relevant and maximize savings. To fit the needs of the Energy Efficiency Program for Business and DTE Energy, RAP maintained current program branding and design. Lastly, a DTE Small Business Insert was provided in each kit before shipment to encourage additional participation in 2016.



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