Custom Design Meets Energy Savings

June 2016

Custom Design Meets Energy Savings


Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) was in need of an experienced program implementation contractor capable of providing cost-effective services for their Residential Online Audit Program. Their goal was to hire a firm who would deliver turnkey program implementation, including marketing, design, kit distribution and educational services. In addition, the program needed to be engaging, encouraging I&M residential customers in the Indiana service territory to make behavior changes while simultaneously installing the provided measures. Lastly, I&M was looking for a cost-effective solution to marketing their Bright Ideas portfolio of energy efficiency programs to their residential customers.



Resource Action Programs® (RAP) proposed a turnkey solution unique to I&M, implementing their Residential Online Audit Program while engaging residential customers in additional Bright Ideas energy efficiency programs. RAP created a custom kit box aligned with I&M branding, richly designed to complement Bright Ideas marketing materials. Utilizing the real-estate on the back of the box, RAP incorporated cross-promotion of additional Bright Ideas programs using push marketing tactics (mainly QR Codes) to drive participants to the program of their choice. In addition to energy saving measures, the kit contained an instructional booklet to eliminate installation barriers, as well as an educational piece prompting participants to follow through with behavior change habits that result in generations of energy efficiency.


RAP managed all tracking and reporting of the program through our proprietary database application, Synergy. Synergy allows for easy and timely program tracking, to provide I&M immediate access to agreed upon reporting metrics.



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