Utility Industry Proficiency.

Our core purpose is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for utilities and agencies across the country. Many of our employees have worked directly for utility companies, implementation contractors, and agencies that implement programs with utilities. They have been directly involved with regulatory and administrative bodies to develop the best energy-efficiency and conservation programs. Backed by a 24-year proven track record of designing and implementing school-based, residential-based, and business engagement-based energy and water efficiency programs that deliver measurable and verifiable results, we are well equipped to deliver the finest quality programs for our clients. RAP’s strong knowledge of the utility industry and our ability to provide utilities with vital, measurable, and verifiable results are just a few of our category-leading qualifications.

Unsurpassed Energy-Efficiency Programs.

In utilizing RAP to implement efficiency programs, our clients will benefit from unsurpassed knowledge of energy and water efficiency education and program implementation gained in delivering thousands of programs across the country. We cover all spectrums of energy, gas and water efficiency and are committed to your program’s success.

Turnkey Delivery.

Our experienced team can take a program from design to completion with very little resources needed from our clients. Because all services are performed under one roof in our 80,000 square-foot program center, RAP can readily handle all aspects of program design, implementation, and reporting.

Fully Customized Materials.

All materials provided as part of the program are fully customizable to address the preferences and expectations of each utility we work with. Our design and marketing departments excel at creating brand-aligned materials that seamlessly blend with the look and feel of the utility making for a well-designed and cohesive program offering. Materials are uniquely designed to embody the elements that define the utility’s brand. The curriculum is personalized to include regional and relevant content and to incorporate energy education specific to the utility’s service territory.

Grade-Appropriate Education.

RAP specializes in the development of innovative education programs that stimulate critical thinking. Lessons and activities lay the foundation for the essential knowledge of forms of energy, natural resources, and ethical stewardship. Our curriculum embraces state-by-state education standards in the form of non-fiction literature while incorporating problem solving and a hands-on approach to learning.

Residential and Small Business Expertise.

RAP is extremely experienced in the design and implementation of both residential and small business programs, having implemented successful programs for various utilities across the country. Our residential and small business programs promote energy and water efficiency and encourage the wise use of resources utilizing our proven Measure-Based Education® (MBE) methodology. The result is a personalized education program that delivers increased energy-efficiency literacy and excellent installation rates. In turn, deeper resource savings, escalated utility partner and program participant satisfaction, and optimized energy savings and behavior change throughout households and the community are achieved.

Superior Enrollment Rates.

Because RAP has a proficient team of professionals devoted to program enrollment, a high level of program engagement is guaranteed. Our outreach team is skilled at building relationships with teachers and maintaining those relationships throughout years of implementation. We are confident in our ability to produce above-average program enrollment year over year.

Focus on Technology.

Introducing energy and water efficiency education into homes and small businesses is key in our strategy for maximizing installation rates and introducing long-term behavioral changes to participants. As part of this strategy, RAP has the ability to construct a richly featured and fully customized program website. To improve installation rates and enhance the program, we are also able to incorporate an accompanying energy or water efficiency focused mobile game app. Combined, these platforms can build on program success, make learning more exciting and rewarding for participating students, and affirm our utility partners as being on the forefront of industry leading technologies.

Competitively Priced Measures.

We have established extensive buying power with hundreds of thousands of instant savings measures we purchase each year. We are able to pass along this competitive pricing on quality products and materials to our clients.

Timely Fulfillment.

We pride ourselves in timely and effective fulfillment. Our fast turnaround time of less than 10 days, from enrollment to kit delivery, is designed to leverage participant excitement and engage them quickly, increasing energy savings and faster reporting.

Verified Savings.

RAP has a long history of working with EM&V contractors and receiving positive, verifiable savings results. We are confident we will achieve savings goals, while remaining cost-effective.