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The leader in efficiency education programs unveils a digital makeover


Resource Action Programs (RAP) is excited to announce the launch of a company-wide digital rebrand. The largest piece of the virtual puzzle, the website, was unveiled on June 1, 2017. The refreshing style of the updated site is a culmination of acute details, cleanliness and creativity, which will better communicate expertise as an energy and water efficiency company to current and prospective clients, as well as to the general public. The company’s new branding can be viewed by visiting


“It became clear to us over the last year that digital influence was going to be a key development strategy in the near future and with that, we needed to rework the way we communicated our company brand,” said James Heier, Vice President of Business Development at RAP. “The website was made a top priority in late 2016 for our Design, IT and Marketing teams and we are very pleased with the result of their ideas and hard work over the last several months,” he added.


The new site includes attractive elements such as large cover photos that span across each page, easy-to-read page titles and headers, and detailed content that adequately explains each aspect of the company’s composition. The style is simple, yet comprehensive and immediately grabs the viewer’s attention with slow-zooming images and interactive site buttons. The look is striking to the average eye, but RAP took special care to ensure that every detail of the site clearly expresses who they are, what they do, and how they do it.


For more than two decades, Resource Action Programs has developed and implemented energy efficiency and water conservation programs for utilities, government agencies and community-based organizations. The customized education programs they offer are designed to shape consumer behavior and deliver impressive results that have yielded millions of dollars in savings. The latest rebrand of the company’s website speaks to their progression as an industry leader and visibly conveys the significance of the company’s mission within the digital arena.


About Resource Action Programs

Resource Action Programs® (RAP), a Franklin Energy company, is the leader in cost-effective Measure-Based Education® for K-12 Education, Direct-to-Customer, and Small/Medium Business programs. The proven and effective design provides the tools to form energy-literate households and businesses while generating immediate verified savings in energy and water use. RAP programs consistently earn honors and awardsfrom entities such as ACEEE, AWE, APPA, and NEUAC. For more information about RAP, visit



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