RAP is committed to an outstanding client experience due to our team’s expertise and the excellence of our efficiency programs. For nearly three decades, we have been producing superior school-based, Direct-to-Customer, and Small-to-Medium Business education programs that are backed by numerous Awards & Third Party Reports. We can ensure that the programs we offer are customized, implemented and fulfilled with the utmost quality because they are handled in-house, from start to finish, by our specialized team of professionals.

Our guiding philosophy is to produce all-inclusive services to our clients. We manage everything under one roof, from curriculum development, graphic and web design, kit assembly and printing, to measure procurement and warehousing. Our staff and implementation teams are experts in their chosen fields, ensuring a streamlined and professional experience throughout each phase of implementation.

Our team’s qualifications and expertise includes years of experience in the utility, program management, marketing, education, community services and logistic fields. Our staff has successfully managed the development and implementation of thousands of energy and water efficiency education programs for utilities and agencies of all sizes across the country. The non-reliance on subcontractors enables RAP to have greater control over program results. Together, our team implements programs that consistently exceed expectations.

Key Differentiators